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Picked Ten Minutes Ago

These might be good with olive oil & garlic… maybe on the grill – Do you have any recipes?


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New Progress in the Garden


ripe cherry tomato!

ripe cherry tomato!

There are some good thing to report!

• In spite of a cool, wet summer our first cherry tomato has ripened.

• Pumpkins are getting large and on their way to 25#, or so the seed packet says.

• We are learning many ways to cook zucchini! Katie had a zucchini Asiago cheese-omelet this morning.

• Wildflower seeds I planted are blooming, although I don’t know what most of them are.

Anyone who knows wildflowers please feel free to help me identify them.

Any Brooklyn pumpkins yet, Jesse?

How about Pilsen jalapeños, Andy? Does the el cast too much shade on your garden?

This pumpkin is about 12 inches long so far.

This pumpkin is about 12 inches long so far.

unknown wildflower

unknown wildflower

unknown wildflower with bee

unknown wildflower with bee

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Pumpkin Flower Feast!


My children love to cook. They don’t always cook very normal stuff so when Jesse told me that he cooked something from his Brooklyn garden I was curious. Below are the results.


while i could have climbed out my back window and walked fifty feet to taco santana for one of their delicious pumpkin flower quesadillas, i decided i’d just reach out the window and grab a few. unfortunately there were just a few, but i made do. i found out which are males and which are females; i think all mine so far are males. i picked them and got poked a bit. seems some of the ‘hairs’ on the plant are like very fine cactus needles.

i tossed them in a pan with a bit of garlic and cooked them until they wilted a bit and browned. while they don’t have a very strong taste, they are very earthy and squashlike.

today i threw a few more on top of a black-bean burger with gorgonzola and homemade ketchup!









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