Advertising/Corporate I’ve combined two different categories into one. Although for me the work itself is similar between the two, it’s the usage that usually defines the difference.

Headshots In some ways these are more challenging than full portraits. They must reveal the whole personality by only showing the head and an occasional hand. Our clients use these as author photos, for corporate biographies and for LinkedIn. I love to shoot headshots!

New Work This shows what I’m working on right now.

Non Profit Much of my work is in this category. While an NPO is an IRS designation, my work here is with charity or service organizations. Some of my most satisfying work is done among NPOs.

Personal Work placed here shows what I care about other than what my clients require. It’s often a place to experiment and play. This is my sandbox.

Portraits A great portrait captures the spirit and personality of the subject in many different ways. These are shot in the subject’s environment or in the studio.