Important to Us

ASMP has been a significant partner and advocate for 25 years.

Baguetier Artisan Bakeries in Huntington Beach, California keeps things
sweet and tasty while we work and while we’re not working.

Our Clients These folks keep us in business and help us pay for stuff like cameras,
coffee and duct tape. They help when all our bills come. Thank you!

DogBark More than just a host, DogBark has guided us through the process
of planning our web presence for eight years. There simply cannot be
a more attentive web host on the internet.

Flashes of Hope This non-profit organization is the best reminder of why
I am a photographer. If you follow the link you’ll see exactly what I mean
and why we volunteer.

Glasshouse Images I am happy to once again be a part of a distinctive collection
of imagery “dedicated to difference.”

input9 Web design without proper engineering is bad planning. input9 does
both very well. They know what they’re doing.

Nikon Professional Services is a shelter in the time of storm.

Tumblr is like having an art gallery visit us every day. Feel free to follow us there… or
we’ll follow you if you’d like.

WordPress describes itself as “software you can use to create a beautiful
website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless
at the same time.” They are right.