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Organic Coffee and Organic Babies

coffee from Finca Los Nietos in its unique "tipica" cloth bag


Our older daughter was born in our home on the small Maine island where we lived decades ago. Over the years we lost contact with Christina, the young midwife who attended Sarah’s birth.

Today is Sarah’s 30th birthday. My wife’s and my thoughts and memories go back to Sarah’s middle-of-the-night birth in which we shared coffee with Christina and her assistant as we waited and Cindy labored.

Google and Facebook made it easy for us to find Christina again. We were thrilled to discover that Christina and her husband still live in Maine but spend most of their time working on the organic coffee farm they bought several years ago in Guatemala. Finca Los Nietos (The Grandchildrens’ Farm) is not only a place where coffee is grown but also a vacation destination where you can watch the process and “relax in our spectacular gardens, watch birds, sip coffee and visit our plant shop.” The Wall Street Journal says, “this tiny coffee plantation caters to those looking for a more intimate experience than a big coffee factory tour.” I want to go just to see their worm farm.

A few days ago we got a bag of Christina’s coffee in the mail wrapped in its unique “tipica” cloth bag. Sarah, now in Los Angeles, got a bag too. How nice that we can again all share coffee after thirty years.

Christina (left) and Cindy checking Sarah just after her birth thirty years ago today

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