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I’m a Bloomin’ Idiot


Years ago you could buy pretty much anything you wanted at a Woolworth’s store. As the Walmart of its day, it was a place I could find everything like toys, clothes, bb guns, pet supplies and have a quick soda or grilled cheese sandwich on the way out.

But early spring was my favorite time to go there as a kid. That was when I could have my pick of the brightly-dyed baby chicks or ducks to take home. I was even happy to skip the soda to get my chicks home. I also didn’t care what color they were.

I had just a bit of a flashback to that era a couple of days ago at Home Depot. While picking up a few gardening supplies I wanted to check out their selection of flowers & plants. My wife & I don’t make a big deal of Valentine’s Day but I thought a little plant might be nice.

It seemed appropriate to bring home a cactus for Cindy since we had just returned from a trip out west that included a particularly enjoyable visit to the desert. A small cactus with a few colorful flowers caught my eye. I had my choice of red or pink. It was easy. I’d get the red one. It was Valentine’s Day.

As I went through the checkout I thought of the cactus my daughter got me several years ago. There is a photo of it below. That one blooms about once a year with flowers that last two days. I was pretty lucky to find a cactus at Home Depot that was actually blooming. The label said “Fairy Castle Cactus.” Yep, I was a lucky guy and Cindy was really going to appreciate that she was getting something special for the $ 6.98 spent.

A quick Google search on how to care for our Fairy Castle Cactus provided the big reveal – and even bigger embarrassment.

A gardener that writes a blog with a name like photo-synthesis should have known that these were straw flowers hot glued on a cactus. Even as a child I understood that those Woolworth’s chicks didn’t hatch from their eggs looking like that. I knew they were dyed. But Home Depot fooled me.

I guess we now have a cactus that blooms all the time. And you’ll never, ever see a photo of it.

cactus with real flower

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